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BulletProof Security

User Reviews:

Users have praised BulletProof Security for its effectiveness and reliability, noting its extensive feature set and robust protection capabilities. Many users have highlighted its ease of use and comprehensive security measures as major benefits​

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BulletProof Security is a comprehensive WordPress security plugin designed to provide robust protection for your website. It offers a wide range of features aimed at securing various aspects of your site, from malware scanning to login security and firewall protection. Here’s a breakdown of its primary features:

Key Features:

  1. One-Click Setup Wizard: Simplifies the installation and configuration process, making it accessible even for users with limited technical knowledge.
  2. MScan Malware Scanner: Detects and removes malware using file hash and pattern matching scans.
  3. Firewall Protection: Utilizes .htaccess file protection and a plugin firewall (IP Firewall) with automated whitelisting and real-time IP address updates.
  4. Login Security & Monitoring: Provides comprehensive login security features, including idle session logout, auth cookie expiration, and monitoring of login attempts.
  5. Database Security: Offers full and partial database backups, scheduled and manual backups, email notifications, and database status information.
  6. JTC-Lite Anti-Spam/Anti-Hacker: Includes CAPTCHA and spam bot traps to prevent unwanted access and spam.
  7. Maintenance Mode: Allows you to create custom maintenance mode pages for frontend and backend, useful for site updates or troubleshooting.
  8. File and Folder Locking: Detects and locks files or folders not created by you to prevent unauthorized changes.
  9. Pro-Tools: Provides 16 mini-plugins that add various security enhancements and functionalities.
  10. Logging: Logs security events, HTTP errors, and PHP errors to help you monitor and troubleshoot potential issues.
  11. Strong Password Enforcement: Ensures that users create strong passwords for enhanced security.

Pro Version Enhancements:

The Pro version of BulletProof Security includes additional features such as:

  • AutoRestore Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (ARQ IDPS): Automatically restores modified files to their original state.
  • Real-time File Monitoring: Continuously monitors files for unauthorized changes.
  • Database Monitoring and Diff Tool: Compares database data to detect unauthorized changes.
  • Uploads Folder Anti-Exploit Guard (UAEG): Protects against exploits targeting the uploads folder.
  • Advanced Security Logging and Dashboard Alerts: Provides detailed logging and real-time alerts on your dashboard for immediate action.


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