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Solid Security – Password, Two Factor Authentication, and Brute Force Protection

iThemes Security is ideal for users looking for a robust, all-in-one security solution for their WordPress site. Its wide array of features provides thorough protection against common threats and vulnerabilities, making it a reliable choice for securing your website.

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iThemes Security, formerly known as Better WP Security, is a comprehensive WordPress security plugin designed to protect your site from various threats. It offers a broad range of features aimed at improving your website’s security by fixing common vulnerabilities, preventing attacks, and providing tools for monitoring and securing your site.

Key Features:

  1. Brute Force Protection:
    • Local Brute Force Protection: Limits invalid login attempts per user and IP to prevent unauthorized access.
    • Network Brute Force Protection: Utilizes a network of sites to block IPs involved in attacks across multiple sites.
  2. File Change Detection:
    • Monitors your site for unexpected file changes, helping you detect unauthorized modifications.
  3. Database Backups:
    • Allows you to schedule regular backups of your site’s database, ensuring you can restore your site in case of an attack.
  4. Security Hardening:
    • Includes features like strong password enforcement, SSL usage, and disabling PHP execution in specific directories to enhance security.
  5. User Action Logging:
    • Tracks user activities such as logins and content changes for auditing purposes.
  6. Two-Factor Authentication:
    • Adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of verification during login.
  7. Dashboard Widget:
    • Provides a central location for managing important security tasks directly from the WordPress dashboard.
  8. Temporary Privilege Escalation:
    • Temporarily grants higher access levels to users, which automatically revert after a set period.
  9. 404 Detection:
    • Identifies and blocks bots looking for vulnerabilities by monitoring 404 error logs.
  10. Hide Login & Admin URLs:
    • Changes the URLs for the login and admin pages, making it harder for attackers to find these entry points.
  11. Scheduled Malware Scans:
    • Regularly scans for malware and blacklisted IPs, alerting you to potential threats.
  12. Strong Password Enforcement:
    • Ensures users create strong passwords to prevent easy breaches.
  13. Integration with iThemes Sync:
    • Manages multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard, including security settings, backups, and updates.
  14. WP-CLI Integration:
    • Allows command-line control of security settings, beneficial for advanced users.
  15. Online File Comparison:
    • Compares file changes against known good versions to detect malicious alterations.
  16. Ban User Agents:
    • Allows you to block specific user agents from accessing your site.

Pro Version Additional Features:

  • Advanced Malware Scanning: Enhanced scanning capabilities for more thorough threat detection.
  • Detailed Security Dashboard: More in-depth analysis and reporting tools for a comprehensive view of your site’s security status.
  • Priority Support: Access to priority customer support for faster resolution of issues.


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