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UpdraftPlus: WordPress Backup & Migration Plugin

UpdraftPlus is a robust WordPress plugin that provides comprehensive backup and migration solutions, enabling easy and reliable site backups, restorations, and transfers.UpdraftPlus is the go-to solution for WordPress users seeking reliable and efficient backup and migration capabilities. With its comprehensive feature set and ease of use, UpdraftPlus ensures your site is always protected and easily recoverable.




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UpdraftPlus is a leading WordPress plugin designed for seamless site backups and migrations. It offers a user-friendly interface with powerful features to ensure your website’s data is securely backed up and easily restorable. Whether you need to migrate your site to a new host or restore it after a crash, UpdraftPlus simplifies the process with automated and manual backup options, support for multiple remote storage locations, and one-click restores. Trusted by millions of users, UpdraftPlus is an essential tool for maintaining the safety and integrity of your WordPress site.


  1. Automated Backups: Schedule automatic backups at regular intervals, ensuring your site data is always up-to-date and secure.
  2. Manual Backups: Perform on-demand backups whenever needed, allowing you to safeguard your site before making major changes.
  3. One-Click Restoration: Easily restore your site from a backup with a single click, simplifying the recovery process in case of data loss or site issues.
  4. Incremental Backups: Save bandwidth and storage space by backing up only the changes made since the last backup.
  5. Remote Storage Options: Store backups in multiple remote locations, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Rackspace, FTP, and more, providing extra security and accessibility.
  6. Site Migration: Effortlessly migrate your site to a new host or domain with the built-in migration tool, simplifying the transfer process.
  7. Backup Encryption: Ensure the security of your backups with encryption, protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access.
  8. Multisite Support: Fully compatible with WordPress multisite networks, allowing you to back up and restore entire networks with ease.
  9. Selective Backup: Choose specific files and databases to back up, giving you control over what gets saved and restored.
  10. Backup Scheduling: Customize your backup schedule to fit your needs, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly backups.
  11. Detailed Reports: Receive detailed logs and reports of your backup activities, helping you monitor the status and integrity of your backups.
  12. Premium Add-Ons: Extend functionality with premium add-ons such as advanced reporting, additional storage destinations, and more.


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