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Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin provides a robust suite of tools for auditing, malware scanning, and security hardening, designed to protect your site from threats and improve its overall security posture.

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The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is a comprehensive security toolset designed to enhance your website’s security posture. Developed by Sucuri Inc., now maintained by GoDaddy, this plugin is free for all WordPress users and offers a suite of features aimed at protecting your site from various threats.


  1. Security Activity Auditing: Monitors all security-related events within your WordPress environment to detect suspicious behavior.
  2. File Integrity Monitoring: Ensures the integrity of your core WordPress files by comparing them with the original versions to detect any unauthorized changes.
  3. Remote Malware Scanning: Uses Sucuri’s SiteCheck API to remotely scan your site for malware and security issues.
  4. Blacklist Monitoring: Checks your site against major blacklists like Google Safe Browsing, Norton, AVG, and more, alerting you if your site is blacklisted.
  5. Effective Security Hardening: Provides several security hardening options to make your WordPress site less vulnerable to attacks.
  6. Post-Hack Security Actions: Offers tools and guidelines to clean and secure your site if it has been compromised.
  7. Security Notifications: Sends email alerts to notify you of any security issues or suspicious activity.
  8. Website Firewall (Premium): Integrates with Sucuri’s cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block malicious traffic before it reaches your server.
  9. SEO Spam Scanner: Detects and removes SEO spam that could harm your search engine rankings.
  10. Server Side Scanning: Scans every file on your server, including non-WordPress files, to identify and remove any hidden malware.
  11. Security Headers: Allows you to add HTTP security headers to protect against common threats like clickjacking and XSS attacks.
  12. Geo Blocking and Bad Bot Blocking: Blocks traffic from specific countries or malicious bots to prevent automated attacks.
  13. DNS and SSL Monitoring: Monitors your DNS records and SSL certificates for any changes or misconfigurations that could indicate a security breach.
  14. Uptime Monitoring: Notifies you of any website downtime, helping to minimize the impact on your business and SEO.


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